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T-Series from MSF

MSF T-Series Manual Squeeze Chute

MSF T-Series Manual Squeeze Chute

MSF T-Series Manual Squeeze Chute

MSF T-Series Manual Squeeze Chute

  • Heavy-duty, low-stress
  • Adjustable all-purpose livestock chutes
  • Safe for both animal and operator

The Clinic, Bull & Bison models feature heavy frames with a high-grade Maxi-Grip Traction rubber layer on the floor (also available with an all-steel floor).

The Manual Head Catch Stanchion provides maximum head restraint control that's safe for both the animal and operator. The Head Catch can easily be operated remotely out of livestock view for a better flow of animals into the chute. Featuring upper adjustments and a sliding drop pin for quick lower adjustment, the head catch handles animals of all ages.

All manual control stanchions are non-choke with upper adjustable top head movement restrictors on each stanchion pipe. The stanchions feature a counter-set dual-ratchet lock mechanism with a spring loaded release, along with a safe overhead lever controlled with a pull rope that provides a micro head catch.

With the addition of neck extenders, adjustable chin lift and/or a full head restraint, the device will provide maximum head control.
The double-action, spring-loaded squeeze system located out of the operator's working area features an overhead half circle ratchet lock and ratchet release, which is safely controlled with a pull rope. Squeeze sides are quickly adjusted for animals of all ages, with user-friendly bolt pins for top adjustment and sliding spring-loaded pins for lower adjustment.

Both squeeze sides are fully synchronized to be controlled together, for a total control V Squeeze or a Parallel Squeeze, where total animal control is not needed (such as AI breeding, semen checking, feet and leg work, etc.).

Full side drop-down pipes with self-locking counterbalanced safety locks – along with the lower easy drop doors – provide full access to the animal from either side of the chute.

The Clinic Chute:

  • 9 lower positions and 6 upper positions
  • 9”to 29” lower and 9” to 32” upper width adjustment

Bull and Bison Chutes:

  • 11 lower positions and 8 upper positions
  • 9” to 33” lower and 9” to 37” upper width adjustment

All squeeze chute models come standard with dual exits: one front and one side with an optional third control side exit. The side exits are kept in the closed position with a dual-catch, spring-loaded, quick-release latch with a positive lock mechanism.

The two-section horizontal easy-slide rear gates are double-spring-loaded for self-centering in all positions to set the gate opening to the width/size of the animal. Obstruction-free overhead controls can be safely operated and self-lock when closed. When unlocked, the rear gate can be operated from either side of chute.

All squeeze chute models can be fitted for left- or right-hand controls. For the ultimate livestock handling working areas, see all of the available chute options and supporting equipment such as palpation cages, fully adjustable alleyways, holding areas, etc.


About T-Series

"World’s Finest Quality Livestock Handling Equipment"

Introducing the T-Series Livestock Equipment Line:

  • Squeeze Chutes
  • Tilt Tables
  • Alleys
  • All supporting equipment

MSF Farms is proud to continue the tradition of quality the T-Series is known for, allowing farm and ranch operations to handle and care for livestock with ease.

T-Series Livestock Equipment is designed to create a safe and low-stress environment for animals and operators alike.

MSF will customize the T-Series equipment to fit your operation's specific handling requirements!

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