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  E3 - Easy, Efficient, Energy-Free Installation Three-wire end brace 90-degree corner brace E3 brace system in the garden






E3 Fence Brace
(Easy, Efficient, Energy-Free Installation)

High-quality fiber construction designed for fence bracing

Not your average fence brace! The E3 is the easiest solution for permanent or temporary use in electric or nonelectric fence installations:

  • Setting up pasture and feed paddocks
  • Forming perimeter fence around timbered areas, streams, stock ponds and hay storage piles to control livestock access
  • Establishing boundaries around harvested grain fields for livestock grazing (gaining more efficiency per acre)

The E3 goes in quickly and easily - no machinery or digging needed to install! Plus, this strong brace needs no insulators and will last for years to come.

Patent No. D698043









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